view from the top of a ski resort with people riding down the mountain and another mountain on the horizon

How Many Ski Resorts Are in Colorado?

There are approximately 30 world-class and local ski resorts scattered across the Rocky Mountains in different parts of Colorado, offering a variety of terrain, experiences, and amenities to suit all levels of skiers and snowboarders. From Vail, the largest ski resort in North America, to Aspen, a haven for celebrities and powderhounds alike, Colorado boasts … Read more

woman standing on a ski slope holding her skis behind her head

What Do You Wear to a Ski Lodge?

Hitting the slopes is all about exhilarating runs, breathtaking mountain views, and that post-powder glow, but before you carve your way down the mountain, you need to conquer the fashion challenge: what do you wear to a ski lodge? Fear not snow bunnies and powder hounds, for this blog post is your ultimate guide to … Read more

woman snowshoeing with her dog in a red jacket in the mountains

Can You Stay at a Ski Resort Without Skiing?

If the idea of skiing or snowboarding terrifies you, but you don’t want to miss out when your friends head to the slopes, or you don’t want to stay behind while the rest of your family gears up for a winter resort adventure, that’s ok, there’s still plenty of fun to be had in ski … Read more

two people skiing down a mountain at sunset

What Does Ski in Ski Out Lodging Mean?

There are many types of winter ski resorts all over the country and the world. A ski-in ski-out option provides the ultimate convenience of being able to ski in and out of the resort without having to use any other form of transportation. Instead of lugging your heavy skis and boots around into a car … Read more