What Do You Wear to a Ski Lodge?

Hitting the slopes is all about exhilarating runs, breathtaking mountain views, and that post-powder glow, but before you carve your way down the mountain, you need to conquer the fashion challenge: what do you wear to a ski lodge? Fear not snow bunnies and powder hounds, for this blog post is your ultimate guide to staying warm, stylish, and functional from base layer to boots and goggles.


Whether you’ve been skiing since you could walk or are about to embark on your first ski trip, dressing correctly for the occasion is important to ensure you’re warm and comfortable. Imagine fresh powder crunching under your skis, sunshine reflecting off the snow, and you working up a good sweat in the wrong clothing…don't let that be your soggy reality! Wearing moisture wicking, breathable layers is essential for regulating your body temperature. Here's your layering formula for success:

  • Base layer: Choose synthetic or merino wool base layers that hug your curves and draw sweat away from your skin.
  • Mid layer: Depending on the weather, a fleece or lightweight down jacket will keep you warm without overheating. 
  • Outer layer: Your ski jacket and pants should be waterproof and windproof, with features like ventilation zippers and snow skirts to keep the elements at bay.
  • Accessories: Goggles shield your eyes from glare, a helmet protects your noggin, and gloves keep your fingers toasty. Bonus points for a neck gaiter and cozy socks.

Just because you're bundled up doesn't mean you can't express your personality, play with pops of color in your base layers or choose a patterned ski jacket. Helmets come in fun colors and designs, and you can always rock a cool beanie under your hood. Apres-ski calls for a cozy transformation, where you swap your ski gear for comfy sweaters, leggings, and warm boots. Pack a cute beanie and a scarf to snuggle up by a fire with a warm drink in hand, and remember apres-ski style is all about relaxed chic vibes and enjoying the company of fellow snow enthusiasts.


Powdery snow, breathtaking views, and the exhilarating rush of carving down a mountain, but before you head out to hit the slopes, there's one crucial hurdle: packing. There’s a lot of gear required for a ski trip so you might choose to rent the basics at your destination if it’s far away, instead of hauling your stuff. If you are hauling, you’ll need to be super strategic with what you pack and if you’re planning on renting you might have a little extra packing wiggle room. Let us help you conquer your suitcase and arrive ready to shred in style and comfort. 

Start with the clothing items you’ll need for skiing and being outdoors in the snow (base, mid and outer layers) plus your accessories. Think of packing a mini capsule wardrobe, one that’s focused on functionality and tightly edited. Choose layers that are functional, but also stylish and can be worn on and off of the slopes. Also be sure you have something packed for each of these situations you’ll likely encounter:

  • A functional outfit and accessories for skiing
  • A relaxed transition outfit for on-slope aprés-ski activities
  • An outfit for exploring off the slopes (day and night)
  • Something to wear to/in an outdoor hot tub
  • Something to lounge around your room in
  • Something cozy to sleep in

Preparation is key to a perfect ski trip adventure, and make sure to keep the actual skiing part the focus of your packing. If your non-skiing activities and time will mostly be around the ski lodge, the dress code is usually pretty casual, and many of your base and mid layers can be zhuzhed up, think cute hat, sweater, scarf or vest. If you’re venturing away from the slopes also pack something a little dressier, but keep in mind the weather and climate, think sweater dress and boots versus skinny jeans and heels. Now go forth and shred with style!

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