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Our Company and Culture


When starting up East West Hospitality in 1986, our founders made their vision clear – provide great jobs to great people in an area they love to live in. Afford them the opportunity to thrive in the communities they value. Since then, we have worked to deliver on that promise.

Today, East West Hospitality employs more than 1,500 employees in a wide variety of businesses, including property management, association management, hotel operations, rental operations, spa & fitness management, Eye Pieces eyewear company, and Edwards Station.

For those who believe where they go says a lot about them, we are partners who deliver genuine hospitality. We help simplify the complex by sharing the places we love and know best; allowing you to not just be in our destinations but truly live our destinations.

Our extraordinary people create a culture that focuses on excellence and consistency in the services we provide.


As a direct result of our culture, we have incredible retention rates. We operate in incredible resort markets, typically requiring a significant number of seasonal employees. Many of these return to us year after year. Our permanent, core, year-round staff has been with the company for an average of 6.8 years.

East West Thrive


From some of the world’s finest mountain resorts to transformed urban centers, we start by thinking big, and then go even bigger. We don’t just design and build terrific places with our East West Partners team, we lead and manage the sales of each development, contributing our expertise to the buying and selling of real estate with our Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate team, and we commit to each project we work on for the long term, providing hospitality services through on-premise property management with our East West Hospitality team.

Our mission is to create a robust, enriching employee program for the East West Family of Companies, where all team members are a part of, and where people are giving back to the community and themselves in a fulfilling way.  THRIVE is a vibrant, actively engaged employee program where people are feeling fulfilled personally and professionally and are giving back to the communities that they are in.


Our mission is to cultivate and sustain an inclusive and welcoming environment in which everyone thrives and feels like they belong. We believe in doing the right thing for each other and our communities. That starts by living true to our core value, Embracing Diversity. These principles are always top of mind and are never in question.


  • Racism, discrimination, and acts of violence are intolerable.
  • Being unique is powerful.
  • Inclusion and diversity are integral ingredients to progress.


  • Actively pursue diversity and inclusion.
  • Commit resources to new and existing initiatives.
  • Listen and create opportunities for all voices to be heard to inspire positive change.
Snowmass Snowshoe

Company Values

  • Collaboration
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Local
  • Personal
  • Supportive
  • Transparent