What Does Ski in Ski Out Lodging Mean?

There are many types of winter ski resorts all over the country and the world. A ski-in ski-out option provides the ultimate convenience of being able to ski in and out of the resort without having to use any other form of transportation. Instead of lugging your heavy skis and boots around into a car or bus, or making trips back and forth to a locker, you can simply suit up, take a few steps away from your lodging and then you’ll be skiing in a matter of moments.


Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned powder hound, you’ve probably heard the term 'ski in ski out' which has been around for a long time and has less to do with physically skiing and more to do with your accommodation on the mountain. Ski-in ski-out lodging means exactly as it sounds, a hotel, house, condo, or other accommodation where the mountain slopes are directly outside of your door. This type of housing allows you to ski (or snowboard) directly to the lifts, trails and runs, and then ski home at the end of the day.

  • Ski-in: This part of the term means that guests can ski directly to their lodging from the ski slopes on the mountain. In other words, you can ski right up to the entrance of your accommodation, making it incredibly convenient for skiers and snowboarders. Typically, there will be a designated trail or path that leads from the slopes to the lodging.
  • Ski-out: This part of the term means that guests can ski directly from their lodging to the ski slopes. When you're ready to ride, you can simply step outside and start skiing, without the need for additional transportation or long walks to the ski lifts or trails.

The most sought-after type of lodging across ski country is ski-in ski-out, or slopeside, as both provide the best access to ski runs and/or chairlifts. True ski-in ski-out access means you're actually skiing to and from your accommodation, whereas slopeside could mean you can ski-in, but not out, or vice versa. Generally, true ski-in ski-out properties are located mid-mountain or in a ski-through base village. Whether you're staying in a true ski-in ski-out or a slopeside hotel or condo, you'll still enjoy all the perks and conveniences afforded to those who are just steps from the slopes.


If you’re skiing in a group or have a family in tow, there are many logistical challenges you’ll encounter like getting everyone’s gear on and getting everyone out the door at a reasonable hour, which can be a hectic undertaking for parents. Plus people that are flying in, or traveling great distances to enjoy a ski vacation want to maximize their time skiing, and a ski-in ski-out stay will provide them that luxury by reducing travel time and the logistical stress of getting to and from the mountain every day.

Ski-in ski-out lodging is in demand by winter sports enthusiasts because it offers the ultimate convenience for enjoying a day on the slopes. If you’re up early, you can get onto the slopes before anyone else. You’ll be one of the first down the freshly groomed corduroy which is a fantastic way to warm up and get your day started! This type of lodging also makes it easy to change in and out of your gear. There’s a place to store your skiing and snowboarding gear so you never have to take any equipment to your room, and if you want to take breaks throughout the day, ski-in ski-out accommodations allow you to do that and then get back on the mountain seamlessly without having to wait or rely on anyone for transportation.

A slopeside property affords you the luxury of waking when you feel like it and enjoying breakfast while admiring the panoramic views from your balcony. Early risers appreciate the opportunity to beat the crowds and there are no shuttle rides or long walks to deal with. You get to set the rules of when and how long you play on the slopes, and the perks of ski-in ski-out accommodations extend to Aprés ski. You’ll likely be walking distance from many dining options, bars, or shopping that the resort or area has to offer.

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