couple with a rolling suitcase in tow opening the door to their vacation rental house

Why Do People Choose Vacation Rentals?

The urge to escape the everyday grind and experience new shores is as old as time itself, but how we choose to spend our precious escape days has evolved significantly. Enter the realm of vacation rentals, where homes transform into havens, and strangers become temporary neighbors. This industry wasn’t always a sleek online affair, let’s … Read more

family walking in from the beach with surf boards into their beach house

What’s the Difference Between a Beach House and a Beach Resort?

Soaking up the sun, toes wiggling in the sand, while you listen to seagulls calling and waves crashing, and that salty breeze, a beach vacation has a way of melting away stress. Now that you’re excited to start planning your next beach destination, the question arises: do you choose the intimacy of a beach house … Read more

poolside view of a tropical resort

Are Resort Fees Per Person or Room?

Resort fees are additional charges that hotels and resorts add to the final bill for guests staying on their property. They are separate from the advertised room rate and cover various amenities and services provided by the resort. These fees can vary in how they’re charged, but are generally charged per room, (usually per day) … Read more

snowy lakeside cabin below the mountains illuminated from the inside at dusk

What Do People Look for in a Cabin Rental?

When you’re planning a vacation, accommodation is just as important as the destination. Hotels and resorts are traditional choices but can leave your trip feeling a little generic and repetitive. There are many reasons why renting a cabin could be a great choice like plenty of space and privacy, especially for larger groups, luxury amenities, … Read more

panoramic view of Vail, CO nestled at the base of the mountains

Is Vail Village Walkable?

With its relatively small footprint and free local bus system, the mountain resort town of Vail, Colorado is super easy to navigate. Vail has two main villages, Lionshead and Vail Village, connected by a 10-15 walk or an easy bus ride with beautiful mountain views. East Vail, West Vail, and Cascade Village are also closeby. … Read more

a couple with suitcases walking into a vacation rental home

How Do I Make My Vacation Rental Feel Like a Home?

Rental homes are a fantastic option for a vacation because they offer you and your family the space you need to spread out and relax, and unlike most hotels, you’ll have additional privacy, multiple bedrooms and a full kitchen! Whether you spend a week in your vacation home or several months, you’ll want it to … Read more

woman snowshoeing with her dog in a red jacket in the mountains

Can You Stay at a Ski Resort Without Skiing?

If the idea of skiing or snowboarding terrifies you, but you don’t want to miss out when your friends head to the slopes, or you don’t want to stay behind while the rest of your family gears up for a winter resort adventure, that’s ok, there’s still plenty of fun to be had in ski … Read more

cozy grey bedding inside of a wooden lodge

How Do I Make My Vacation Rental Cozy?

When planning a vacation, hotels aren’t the only popular choice for lodging and accommodations. Travelers often choose short term vacation rentals (like Airbnb or VRBO) that can offer amenities and an environment that a hotel just can’t, such as a full kitchen, ample space for the whole family to unwind and privacy to name a … Read more