Vail in summer bloom with wildflowers in the foreground and mountains in the distance

Is Vail Worth Visiting in Summer?

Vail, a name synonymous with world-class skiing, might surprise you with its thriving summer scene. Beyond the snowy slopes lies a vibrant mountain town bursting with activities, events, and breathtaking scenery, making you wonder is Vail worth visiting in the summer? Vail is a great summer destination for folks who love to be outside. The … Read more

view through pal trees looking down a pier leading to houses on stilts on the water at a tropical beach resort

What is the Best Day to Book a Resort?

Accommodations are one of the biggest travel expenses, so it’s never a bad idea to try and maximize your savings. Airfare, hotel and resort prices are dynamic, fluctuating based on supply and demand, so the price you see searching one day might change the next, even if the dates and location of your trip remain … Read more

aerial view of lake Tahoe with blue green water and a few clouds in the sky

Which Side of Lake Tahoe is Best to Stay On?

Lake Tahoe, nestled amidst the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains, beckons travelers with its pristine waters, stunning scenery and diverse activities, but with the lake divided into north and south shores, choosing the ideal location for your stay can be tough. The south shore is known as a bustling entertainment, featuring casinos, concerts and other nightlife, … Read more

backside view of a stucco villa in a tropical setting with a private pool

What is the Difference Between a Hotel Room and a Villa?

If you’re planning a getaway, you’ve probably noticed that both hotel rooms and villas offer the promise of relaxation and rejuvenation, but beneath the surface lie differences that can impact your experience. The main distinctions between the two are privacy, amenities, location and costs. Villas offer more space, privacy and home-like amenities, while hotel rooms … Read more

interior of a mountain luxury home with a spacious open floor plan and huge windows with a view

What Makes a Property Luxurious?

The word luxury conjures images of sprawling mansions, unimaginable locations, glittering pools, and opulent furnishings, but what truly makes a property luxurious? True luxury goes beyond superficial elements, it’s about an exceptional experience, crafted with meticulous attention to detail and designed to cater to your every desire. Let’s delve deeper into what makes a property … Read more

beachfront covered patio with floor to ceiling windows to take in the view

What’s the Difference Between Beachfront and Seaside?

Whether you’re dreaming of sinking your toes into soft sand while you read a book or gazing out at endless waves, understanding the difference between “beachfront” and “seaside” can help refine your search for the perfect coastal vacation home. While both terms evoke images of salty air and stunning scenery, there are subtle distinctions for … Read more

a couple pulling suitcases as they walk into their vacation rental home

What’s the Difference Between an Airbnb and a Vacation Rental?

Choosing the perfect type of accommodation for your next adventure can be overwhelming with so many options available, like Airbnb and vacation rentals. Fear not, fellow travelers, this blog post delves into the key differences between these two popular choices, guiding you towards the ideal home away from home for you on your next getaway. … Read more

view from behind a couple in poolside lounge chairs at a resort

How Long Can You Stay at a Resort?

Are you dreaming of a relaxing escape to a beautiful resort? If so, you’re probably wondering how long you can stay and soak up the sun. The answer, as with most things in life, is that it depends. Most resorts offer stays in increments of nights, with the most common option being a 7-night stay. … Read more

housekeeper making a bed in a guest bedroom

Do You Tip Housekeeping Daily or at the End of Your Stay?

When it comes to housekeeping, whether to tip daily or at the end of your stay can spark a mini debate in your head. It’s often recommended that you tip every day to ensure that the money you leave is going to the specific person/people servicing your room. Still unsure, fear not, fellow travelers, for … Read more

woman standing on a ski slope holding her skis behind her head

What Do You Wear to a Ski Lodge?

Hitting the slopes is all about exhilarating runs, breathtaking mountain views, and that post-powder glow, but before you carve your way down the mountain, you need to conquer the fashion challenge: what do you wear to a ski lodge? Fear not snow bunnies and powder hounds, for this blog post is your ultimate guide to … Read more