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In 2021, we would like to recognize TWO individuals within our organization who demonstrate exemplary leadership attributes. This year, we will be recognizing one winner in two categories. Both winners will take home a grand prize for this prestigious award: $5,000 for the Bowker Award winner and $3,000 for the Emerging Leader Award winner, along with a plaque memorializing the achievement.

Please submit your nominations for the following by August 24, 2021.

Bowker Award – senior leaders (click here for a list of nominees) who exemplify leadership skills as well as embrace our core values:

  • TRANSPARENTCommunicates honestly, openly and objectively; shares rather than withholds; takes personal responsibility for mistakes and shares recognition for successes.
  • SUPPORTIVE – Makes self available to others; listens with empathy and focus; provides sound, objective advice; takes the extra step to ensure others feel cared for.
  • COLLABORATIVE – Builds enduring relationships, working collaboratively with others within the team and across departments and divisions, to meet objectives of EWH
  • ENDURING RELATIONSHIPS – Builds relationships by instilling trust and confidence through honesty, integrity, and authenticity.
  • DO THE RIGHT THING – Seeks out, and implements, the very best, most ethical, solution.  Even when it’s hard.
  • EMBRACES DIVERSITY – Cultivates and sustains an inclusive and welcoming environment in which everyone thrives and feels like they belong.  Does the right thing, believes racism, discrimination, and acts of violence are intolerable.  Believes being unique is powerful and that inclusion and difference are integral ingredients to progress and who we are.

Emerging Leader Award – Any employee who shows leadership potential, seeks opportunities to lead, and takes on new tasks beyond their existing roles. Individuals who are team players and know that through collaboration and support we all win. These team members are often agents of change and constantly seek to learn and excel.

We ask you to make time and recognize your peers and leaders who exemplify our culture and leadership attributes; specific examples and comments are encouraged. Thank you for your time and your vote!

Voting is now closed.