Bowker and Emerging Leader Award Nomination


It’s time to recognize your colleagues for the 2023 Annual Bowker Award and Emerging Leader Award! Please nominate two East West Hospitality team members who each demonstrate exemplary leadership attributes as well as exemplify our core values.

Please submit ONE nomination for each of the TWO categories below. Complete your nominations by September 22, 2023.


Who is eligible:
EWH senior leaders (see list attached) that exemplify leadership skills exhibited by Ross Bowker, CEO from inception (1986) through 2018:

  • Elegantly articulates summary, conclusions, and decisions.
  • Empathetic communicator.
  • Simplifies the complex.
  • Has integrity beyond reproach – always doing the right thing over wanting to be right.
  • Always calm, cool, and collected.
  • Approaches life and work with humility.
  • Always loyal and supportive.


Who is eligible: Any team member who shows leadership potential, seeks opportunities to lead, and takes on new tasks, even outside their existing roles.

  • Individuals who are team players and know that through collaboration and support, we all win.
  • These team members are often agents of change and constantly seek to learn and excel.

Please take some time to recognize incredible team members who exemplify our culture and leadership attributes. Please provide specific examples and details.

The winners will be selected by the EWH Executive Committee and will be announced in October via Teams call.

The winners will take home $3,000 (Emerging Leader Award) and $5,000 (Bowker Award).

Please submit your nomination by Friday, September 22, 2023