The events of the last three weeks, since the devastating death of George Floyd, have reminded us all that racial injustice is still very much prevalent in our country today. We write to share that we are listening to those in the Black community who are pained, tired, frustrated, sad, and angry and trying to understand what we can do as a company to improve the situation. Racism, discrimination, and acts of violence are intolerable. To be clear we will not accept racial injustice or inequality of any kind, and we commit to creating environments that are diverse, inclusive and respectful.

During this time, we find ourselves looking inward, both as individuals and as a company. Are we doing enough to advance the cause of anti-racism? Do we have proper diversity initiatives in place to improve the experience of our guests, clients, employees, and partners? Do we understand each other well enough?

The answer is: we have had some success but acknowledge we can do better. Setting big goals and achieving them is what our companies do best. “Embracing Diversity” and “Do the right thing” are core values, and we live by our values. We are committed to continuing to understand how we, as a company, can affect positive change including making sure everyone knows they have a voice.

Importantly, while the four of us will lead this effort to affect the change we also consider this an all-hands moment. We need your help, and we look forward to your ideas for, and commitment to, improvement.

Thank you for taking this in with an open heart and mind. We truly value each of you.

Harry Frampton, Chairman
East West Family of Companies

Chris Frampton, CEO
East West Partners

Colleen Weiss, CEO
East West Hospitality

Johnny Pfeiffer, President
Slifer, Smith and Frampton